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Professional Tree Surgeon Services throughout Liverpool

Whether you are a private landowner with a small piece of land that you want cleared or a builder who has a large plot of land that you want cleared for a new development job our tree service professionals are able to provide a full site clearance solution for you.

Our team has been performing a broad spectrum of site clearance agreements throughout Liverpool for several years and have a wide range of knowledge. Our complete series of plant and machinery helps us to deal with any project from small-scale private clients to large scale business obligations.

Our professional equipment such as tub grinders, shredder, stump grinder, mulcher and flail are utilised for efficiency, speed and safety, plus specialist pruning and tree removal is carried out by our qualified tree surgeons who are experienced in site clearance in tight spots.

Tree Clearance & Land Clearance

Tree Contractors SeftonWe have worked along with a wide variety of clients who need land clearance & tree clearance services. Everything from homeowners who might need to clear their land for a construction project, such as a new driveway or want their garden cleared to large scale commercial deals such as land clearing for building developers, shopping centres, golf clubs, leisure centres etc. No matter what your land clearing or tree clearing needs you can count on our staff for dependability, safety and suitable equipment for the project at hand.

Tree Protection Orders (TPO’s) And Tree Conservation Orders

In the UK a large number of trees are protected. Trees with a trunk diameter in excess of 75mm and a trunk height of 1.5 metres are more than likely to be included within the extensive conservation area cover. Trees will have to be checked to see whether they are subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or if the tree(s) are located inside a Conservation Area by consulting with your local authority prior to arranging any work. We can help you with the inspections and requests for work. Our crew are all completely certified to CSCS, (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) and NPTC (National Proficiency Test Council) plus always comply fully with LOLER, PUWER, RIDDOR and COSH regulations. They are also equipped to efficiently and safely take out trees of any size. Our site clearance services include:

  • Removing greenery
  • Tree removal and tree felling Stump removal
  • Green waste clearing
  • Woodland control
  • Liaising with local authorities

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