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Tree Crown Reduction BootleWhether you have had a tree felled as part of a landscaping project, due to violent storm damage or as a result of infection, if the tree surgeons who felled the tree didn’t offer stump removal then removing the leftover stump is certainly not a straightforward task.

Domestic And Business Tree Stump Removal

Our specialists operate, not only with individual homes and business owners but they also work with professional landscaping companies, local governments and property developers. No project is too challenging for our stump grinding experts to handle. All our professionals are honest when it comes to their dealing with each project, regardless of how large or small the job is. Nearly all the stump grinding jobs are finished within a day unless there are extenuating circumstances beyond our control.

What Is The Price Of Tree Stump Removal?

There are several things that will affect the charge of our stump grinding solutions including:

  • The setting of the stump being removed. When a tree stump is near a fence, building or wall, specialist machinery is called for in addition to special care & skill-set for the tree surgeon, so as to avoid damage to your home.
  • The diameter of the stump
  • The depth that the stump is buried in the soil
  • Adjoining roots. If the roots have extended under a drive or path, this causes extra complications that need additional tools and management.

Your Tree Stump Removal Frequently Asked Questions Answered

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What are a couple of the best and most common techniques of stump removal?

Tree stumps may be removed by using chemicals, extracting, burning or grinding in order to remove them.

What stump removal method works the best?

There is no one technique that is more effective in comparison to any of the others. Instead, the appropriate technique will depend upon the scale of the stump, its root system, and numerous many other elements.

What does stump grinding cost?

Tree stump grinding can either be priced by the hour or per stump. A per hour cost will generally cost approximately £100 – £120, where as a ‘per stump’ cost is harder to determine.

How much time does it take to clear away astump?

The length of time it takes to clear away a tree stump will depend on the technique chosen by the arborist. Making use of a professional stump grinder or a mechanical stump remover it maybe finished in half a day while using enzyme treatments or burning will certainly require considerably longer.

Exactly what is the best method of stump removal?

The ideal solution is to take out the stump by loosening it from the soil and then applying a chain or pulley to vigorously hoist it from its root systems. This method requires large machinery and is certainly not a Do It Yourself project.

Are your workforce insured?

Tree stump grinding is risky in various circumstances, and that is exactly why it is so essential to hire a firm who has both the knowledge and experience to do the project correctly. It is also necessary to reduce any possible risk. Every one of the stump grinding firms in our organisation employs the service of tree surgeons that are fully insured & licensed.

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Can’t I just burn astump out?

Plenty of property owners make the oversight of believing that they could simply use petrol or paraffin to burn a stump out. Even though this method can and sometimes will work, it maybe dangerous for those that are inexperienced. What’s more, in many cases, the stump doesn’t completely burn out, which results in an unsightly growth.

Should the roots be taken out, also?

Tree root removal isn’t usually provided in a tree stump removal solution, and in many cases, it isn’t essential. When astump has been effectively taken out, the roots will not keep on growing and ought to cause no concerns to your home’s foundation or lawn.

Could I do the stump removal myself?

Some residential property owners assume that it can be OK to take out a tree stump by attaching a strap or rope to it and trying to yank it out by using a van or truck, or by trying to burn it to where what’s left of the stump can be chopped out by using a chopping axe. That being said, neither of these techniques is encouraged, as significant damage to your building may be caused.

Is it really going to cost a lot to have the stumps removed on my building?

Tree stumps that are quicker and easier to take out will set you back less than those stumps that are much larger and more deeply rooted. While talking with the stump removal professionals, they should provide you a quotation, which is going to normally include complete clearing of any stumps that might just exist in the garden that have become a problem and you would like them removed.

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